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Hello, my name is Richard Mora

I'm working to become a Front-end Web Developer to build responsive websites and other applications. I thrive to learn new skills and programs as well as improve upon skills I currently have.

About Me

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Back in 2018, I started developing about web development by building my own websites from scratch using only HTML and CSS. During the summer of the same year, I became more interested in learning more about web development so I decided to pursue a degree on web development. During my journey, I've earn certifications that demonstrate my knowledge of web and software development.

I've built several responsive webpages using a variety of softwares, plugins, libraries, and languages. I have a good understanding of UX/UI practices, including building wireframes and prototypes, SEO, and schema. I'm also experienced in using Adobe Creative Suite products like Photoshop, Illustrator, XD, After Effects, and Premiere Pro.

Currently, I taking courses to learn more about cybersecurity and getting more familiar with frameworks like React and libraries like Tailwind.css to improve my skills as a developer.

Here are the list of software and languages I'm familiar with.


hero-image of DATA ENTRY: PORTAL website


Web/Game Developer, Spring 2023

  • The creation of a VR game based on the 1986 game Portal by Rob Swigart and published by Activision along with a website showcasing it.
  • Coded using HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript for website.
  • Created mobile wireframe and prototype for website.
  • Built hamburger menu for mobile navigation using HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, and SVG.
screenshot of a narrative website

"Gathering of Lost Souls"

Wev Developer, Fall 2021

  • The Gathering of Lost Souls is an interactive scroll narrative on a single page website.
  • Coded a scroll-animated website with HTML5, CSS3 and the Skrollr plugin.
  • Used JavaScript to advance story with added visuals, and sounds.
screenshot of recipe website

“Sweet and Spicy Turkey Meatballs”

Web Developer, Fall 2021

  • A responsive recipe website.
  • Coded with HTML5 and CSS3 for the design of the website.
  • Utilized schema to improve website's searchability.
  • Used media-queries and CSS-grid for responsive design.
screenshot of Students Helping Students website

"Students Helping Students"

Web Developer, Fall 2021

  • A WordPress website for a student-led program in cooperation with WSU Vancouver IT.
  • Managed website which involves updating and uploading content using HTML5 and CSS3.
  • Improve usability, readability, and navigation of website.
screenshot of HTLM5 game

"Arrange the Numbers"

Web Developer, Spring 2022

  • A scripted web game where the user has five chances to guess a number.
  • Coded with HTML5 and CSS3 for minimalistic design feasturing music.
  • Used JavaScript to generate random numbers and keep track of gameplay.
screenshot of website with map interface

"Favorite Local Ramen Restaurants"

Web Developer, Spring 2022

  • A website featuring an interactive map to display personal favorite restaurants.
  • Used Mapbox API to create an interactive map featuring customized locations.
  • Coded using JavaScript to move, zoon in or zoom out to customize points on the map.
  • Designed using HTML5 and CSS3 for the content and links to external websites.


The following are the lists of certifications I've obtained while learning web development.

All badges are issued by Microsoft and provided by Credly.

Picture of MTA badge Picture of MTA badge Picture of MTA badge Picture of MTA badge Picture of MTA badge


If you have any questions or comments, feel free to contact me.

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